Monday, December 19, 2011

13 Month Update

Myers has been one busy little dude this past month.  Since turning one, he has
  • become a US CITIZEN!
  • started walking.
  • figured out how to take his diaper off by himself.
  • had two more teeth to come in, giving him a total of 10 pearly whites.
  • started clapping his hands.
  • started holding up one finger as if to say, "I'm one!"
  • given us a scare with a 104.1 fever.
  • turned into a very jealous little boy if anyone else tries to cuddle with Mommy.
  • started facing forward in his car seat.
  • fed himself yogurt with a spoon.
  • learned how to say Momsey and will give a good growl when asked to say Pops.
  • started getting into ALL kinds of mischief, including climbing into my Tupperware drawer!
He's a 13 month old cutie pie!

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