Thursday, December 22, 2011

Auntie Anna Is Here

Our house is now full, and we are ready for Christmas...  Auntie Anna is here!

My sister's flight got in late last night after Myers was already in bed, so he and Ryan didn't make the trip to the airport to pick her up.  Pops, Momsey, Reagan and I were all anxiously awaiting her arrival, and Reagan was VERY happy to see her Auntie Anna again!

Anna lived with us as our nanny for just over a year, and this is her first visit back to Canada after moving back home to South Carolina a couple of months before Myers was born.  She was up bright and early this morning, ready to get some cuddles and snuggles from Myers as soon as he came out of his crib.

This will only be a short visit for Anna, as she and my parents are all flying home together the day after Christmas.  We won't have time for any princess parties, camping, or parades like Anna is used to doing when she is with us.  But it just wouldn't have been the same if she wasn't here for Christmas with the rest of us.

Welcome back Anna!

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