Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This One's For The Boys

Since the girls got to spend Sunday afternoon in Vancouver at The Nutcracker Ballet, it seemed only fair for the boys (minus Myers) to spend Monday evening in Vancouver at the Canuck game!  Ryan's boss offered up a pair of tickets, and Ryan gladly accepted them and invited my dad to join him.

This was the second time that Ryan has taken my dad to see the Canucks play.  They had awesome seats the first time that my dad went to a game back in 2010, but nothing like the seats that they had last night... they were directly behind the Minnesota Wild bench!  Were it not for the glass partition, my dad could have reached out and rubbed the bald head of the Minnesota coach... that's just how close they were to all the action.

Thank you again, Tim, for spoiling the boys!  They had a FANTASTIC time and are still talking about it today!

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