Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Goh Nutcracker Ballet in Vancouver

Today was a VERY fun day for the ladies in our house!

We were excited to get all dressed up and to drive to downtown Vancouver to experience The Nutcracker performed by the Goh Ballet Academy at The Centre.  I had been planning to take Reagan to this event, and was super excited when I found out that my parents would be arriving in time for Momsey to join us as well.

We said goodbye to the men of the house, and made the drive to Vancouver with much anticipation.  We have been reading the book The Nutcracker for the past couple of weeks, so Reagan was fully aware of the story behind the ballet.  Once we arrived at The Centre, we quickly found our seats in the front row of the balcony level and waited for the performance to begin.

We were simply spellbound watching the dancers as the story came to life on stage.  Reagan sat completely still the entire 90 minutes, eyes glued to the stage, mesmerized by what she was seeing.  As we were getting ready to leave at the end of the show, she told me that her hands were sore from clapping too much!

We were lucky enough to be able to let Reagan meet one of the ballerinas as we were leaving.  Needless to say, all Reagan was able to talk about the rest of the day was how she is going to be a prima ballerina one day herself!

It really was an amazing afternoon!  If you ever get the opportunity, you should make plans to experience it for yourself.  If not, then you can always just watch this brief video montage from the 2009 performances!

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