Thursday, December 15, 2011

The First School Dance

No, I don't mean a dancing performance that takes place at Reagan's school.

I mean a DANCE.  Like, an after-school dance.  Like, boys and girls, all dressed up at night time, going to THE dance!

Hello...  She is five years old and she is going to her first dance!  Lord, help me!

Reagan was so excited that she asked me to start doing her hair as soon as she got home from school today.  She was dressed and ready to go before the sun went down!

And once 6:30 arrived, she was standing at the front door, telling us to hurry up so that she wouldn't be late.  Since Pops and Momsey are here, we were able to leave Myers at home with them without any worries!

The dance was being held in the school gymnasium as a fundraiser by our PAC (Parent Advisory Council) committee to help raise money for the replacement of the current playground equipment.  Families of the students were asked to attend as chaperones and to enjoy the dance themselves as the event occurred after school hours (6:30-8:30).  Santa Clause was on hand to listen to the kid's wish lists and for photos, and there were tons of concessions, raffles, and door prizes.

Reagan and one of her classmates had their picture taken with Santa, and while the girls looked adorable, Santa looked a bit creepy in my opinion!

I have to say, I was very impressed with the organization of this fundraiser.  The kids all had an amazing time, and the adults had a lot of fun as well.  I think the highlight of the evening for Reagan was when she danced with her school Principal.  I'll admit, that was a highlight for me too... it is very encouraging to see the Principal of a school eagerly interacting with all of the children at an event like this!

We came home as soon as the dance was over to put twinkle toes to bed so that she could get a good night's sleep before her last day of school before Christmas break tomorrow.  

Something tells me the teachers are going to have their hands full tomorrow... overly tired kids that are overly excited for Christmas break!  Whew... glad it's them and not me!

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